Will Vtose be an oral drug?

My understanding of the science is pretty limited, but i’d still like to know if Vtose is expected to be taken orally, intravenously or otherwise? Will it be possible to make even a topical cream or gel for HPV or HSV?

Also, how far are you from having a drug ready for the market? I know it’s pretty far, but still, are we talking 3, 5, 10 years?


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We do of course understand that oral and topical dosing are strongly preferable to injection, but whether the science will cooperate is not yet known.

Between the science and the regulatory aspects involved with clinical trials and drug approval, time to market is impossible to predict with any accuracy.

I ask myself the same question when evaluating the drug. While I don’t know what is possible with DRACO/VTose I would temper my expectations by asking why there is no pill for insulin:

Now maybe none of the issues here are equivalent (only doing the research will determine that) the fact that not all drugs and large / complex proteins in particular always be administered orally is in my opinion something to keep in mind.

There is at least one publically know way to administer this type of drug that has proven successful in limited animal trials: Intranasal immunization of mice - YouTube which could suggest a range of ways to administer the drug effectively in humans but again the research as to be done in order to know what is effective medically and economically.

This is nice review article of the problems involved with delivering biologics orally, and possible solutions. I think liposomes may have potential. Overall, though, it’s a hard problem, and I think it’s correct that VTose will have to be injected for the foreseeable future, unless some intranasal application proves viable, as you suggested.