Ideas for perks?

Do you have any interesting or exciting ideas for perks? If so, we'd love to hear them. These would be "rewards" for our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

We're thinking about the usual fare of T-shirts, mugs and the like, but would love to include some unique or hard-to-find items, as well.

One issue we always keep in mind is fulfillment; we're hoping to automate things as much as we can, while not holding any stock.

Another issue is finding artwork that's cool, fun, interesting, and affordable. If you're a digital artist, please post some of your relevant work here; we'd love to see it.

Sorry that I don't have any ideas here, yet I expect that for many people, the knowledge of donating to end viral diseases will be motivation enough! The value of perks, then, would be additional marketing (i.e. t-shirts and bumperstickers would help make your name and cause more visible).

These are cool....

A couple of ideas - first, I've seen crowdfunding campaigns that offer a one-time video chat Q&A to be able to ask questions about the science of what they're donating to, if something like that would be feasible. The second is little plushie cows, because I know I was surprised to read that this could also be relevant beyond humans, even with having previously read about DRACO. Science to help people and cows 😃

What about the opportunity to have their name mentioned on a thank you page and/or a shout out on social media? You could also have higher donors eligible to have their website addresses put next to their names. This will then help this cause by getting more and potentially bigger donations and also a bit of promotion for the donor in return. I have seen other crowdfunders do this. Maybe if cows are going to be used in this research, high donors could name a cow and have a certificate and photo of their cow? We could be really cheesy and have some merchandise saying "I'm helping to moooove virus cures" with a cow on it? 😄

If any literature about this is going out such as someone writing a book or leaflet on the topic, stuff signed by the author is a popular perk on crowd funders, as is a mention for a thank you in any literature. You could offer signed photos of the research team or if a perk involves an actual living cow, maybe a photo of said cow with signatures from the team working on DRACO. If this project succeeds, I'm sure that the people behind it will become big stars and such items become quite collectable! 😁

May or may not be feasible but maybe if the top donor is willing to pay for transport, lodgings and any other logistical things, they can have a chance to meet some of the cows, meet the researchers and have a meal with them...I mean a meal with the researchers, not the cows! 🤣

Maybe it is a little too low brow but I would love to see little keyring cow pats with "Time to sh** on viral disease" and the Kimer Med logo on! 🤣 Feel free to substitute sh** for more euphemistic terms like poop or the less offensive cr**. 😜

I tried to edit previous post but couldn't, so I'll add that an alternative slogan to keyrings could be "I'm sh***** on viral disease" or "I'm  helping to sh** on viral diseases." This could be extended to badges and sticker sets. Potentially, something akin to a poop emoji could be used but I think that flexible plastic cow pat keyrings would be more fun! 😁 They would make people chuckle, bring some cheer in these awful pandemic times and help to support an important cause.

Maybe "Give a sh** and destroy viral disease" could be another slogan or perhaps "Kimer Med gives a sh** about destroying virus disease" or "I give a sh**" about ending disease. I suppose that there are other variations that people could think about.

no no 🙂

Glad to see a group like this exists. Not long ago last year, I read about DRACO and was wondering why it hadn't yet been looked into. Relieved to see that it is now though!

For perks, I like the idea of a keychain, magnet, and/or vinyl decal with the company logo on it. However, maybe it could have the small line inside the virus shape changed to look like a dragon, since DRACO is named after them, like this:


I also feel a small plush is a great idea but I am unsure about how automation can/will go with those. Hope this helps!