Contacting Dr. Todd Rider

You have mentioned that you tried to contact Dr. Rider about DRACO, but were unable to reach him.  I recently went to Dr. Rider's Rider Institute website and it appears that it is being maintained.  Perhaps contacting him is worth another try.

I found this old news video about DRACO: Draco Keeps the Bad Guys Away! - YouTube

It features a lab assistant who worked on DRACO for draper labs in may 2014 to feb 2015.

She might be someone worth talking to about the history of DRACO research.

On the topic of contacting Rider I would like to share this question I asked him 6 years ago on the Indiegogo campaign:

Thanks for the link. I’ve seen that video before, but I missed the lab tech’s name.

Interesting, thanks. We’ve had similar thoughts.