Kimer Med Team,

It seems that the weekly updates have become less than weekly. This post is not meant to chastise but to remind you that there are those of us out there that would greatly benefit from news and updates from your organization, regardless of whether or not you have made any scientific or business related progress. I think that I can speak for most when I say that Dr. Rider's failed attempts at bringing life to DRACO were an incredibly disheartening thing. The reassurance that there are still heroes like yourselves that are truly trying to make broad spectrum antivirals a reality and are still working and striving for a commercialized and effective product can bring peace to those of us that have put so much faith in you.

I implore you to spend a few minutes a week giving this community updates. If this becomes cumbersome due to your workload, I'm sure that certain members of this community, including myself, would be more than willing to take on some of the community outreach responsibilities so that you may focus on what really matters: the science and funding.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Hi Max,

Thanks for the reminder. It's sometimes hard to gauge the level of interest out there.

We could definitely use help with outreach. PM sent.