Update Email 25 Dec 2020

Our crowdfunding campaign is now complete. We raised NZ $24,200 (about USD $17,000). Thanks again to those who donated!
We have recently completed fabrication of the second batch of our protein, with significantly improved purity and yield. Excellent progress.

We are now working on replicating some of the basic antiviral functionality described in the 2011 paper about DRACO. There is a surprising amount of interesting and complex science involved. We are anticipating that several iterations of fabrication and testing may be required.
In case you haven't been to our discussion forum yet, here's a link:
New Zealand pretty much closes down from mid-December to mid-January (including the labs we're working with), so I may not have much new to report before the country gets going again after the holidays.
Thanks for your continued interest and support.
Happy Holidays,
Our vision is the end of viral disease in humans, pets and livestock.