Update email 15 Sep 2021

Hi ,

Thanks for your continued interest in Kimer Med. We recently updated our website. Please have a look, and let me know what you think of the new design: https://kimermed.co.nz/

As I’ve mentioned in prior email updates, we are continuing to improve our fabrication process. Using the latest process and a new lab, we produced a new batch of VT, and tested it against Dengue virus again (see previous posts for more about this very prevalent disease affecting 400 million annually). This approach allows us to easily compare changes to the fabrication process and differences between the two labs. We’re happy to report that the new material also showed antiviral effects, even better than our previous test, with a 100% reduction in viral cytopathic effect for two semi-log concentrations of VT, with a computed therapeutic index over twice as high as the commercial antiviral Ribavirin. These results also confirm that the fabrication process we’ve developed is reproducible.

Here’s a link to a forum post with a couple of photos of our new office:

Many other wheels are currently turning. Exciting times ahead! Regards, --Rick