Topical DRACO?

Is it possible to create a topical DRACO for use against HPV warts? Could this come under a cosmetic classification avoiding the  need for FDA approval?

Yes, it's possible to create a topical version for HPV warts, and probably for certain types of Herpes sores, as well.

Unfortunately, I don't think a topical version could qualify as a cosmetic, since it would have a "therapeutic" use. I appreciate the suggestion, though.

My brain activity is low today, and i have some stupid questions

How long can a virus stay alive in the body if it not enter a cell ?

when vtose kill the cell...the virus also dies ?

The half-life of virions (virus particles outside of a cell) can be relatively short -- on the order of a few hours. For example, see:

But the details depend on things like the specific virus, the nature of the extracellular environment, whether antibodies are present for it, and so on.

As you can see in the diagram below (for HIV), when a virus enters a cell (after "Fusion"), it sheds it's outer layer, which is what enables it to infect other cells. That means, yes, when the cell dies, the virus dies, too (it's no longer able to infect and replicate). In apoptosis, the cell breaks into small "bubbled" fragments, which are then picked up and further broken down by scavenger cells.