The time has come to #EndViralDisease.

We would love to have your help promoting our efforts to create the world's first broad-spectrum antiviral drug, for use in humans, pets and livestock.

In addition to getting the word out about what we're doing, one of our current goals is to encourage interested people to sign up to receive regular updates about our activities by email. You can do that by referring them to

Please use this thread to discuss your ideas about promotion, and to coordinate with others. We would also be interested in hearing what you're doing or have done.


That's great Patrik, thanks!

What about a photo/video/other media competition? You could ask people to do something for a small prize that is then voted on by the public via a landing page. This would mean that the link to the project is shared lots, thus raising awareness of this to others who may otherwise never encounter it. The best result would be if someone created an ace video that went viral. :) I am unable to do much to help other than share my thoughts in case no one else had thought about my ideas. 

I have seen some companies do promotions whereby they get people to share a link via their personal Facebook/Twitter/other social media in return for being entered into a free prize draw for a few Amazon vouchers. It doesn't have to be vouchers, it could be merchandise for the campaign or something donated by any businesses supporting the cause and willing to give free stuff to promote themselves and help this cause. 

Good ideas. Keep 'em coming!

Has anyone done a short video for what is looking to be achieved and why yet? Probably a good idea during promotions to show that it is not only going to help humanity but also other species. Would be a good idea but ensure that it is kept simple enough for anyone to understand it. Not everyone is a scientist or doctor, myself included. There is a channel on You Tube called Kurzgesagt that is really good at explaining science and other things in a way that anyone can understand, perhaps you could look to them for inspiration and/or help?

We haven't done a video yet, but it's definitely in the works.

If it wasn't for the pandemic, I would say have a small information stall in an appropriate location with little promotional packs with branded stuff like pens, notepads, keyrings, stress balls, leaflets and post it notes. However, as we probably can't do this, maybe the first hundred people to sign up for a newsletter or the first few donors to the fundraiser?

What about those rubber bracelets that people give out for promotion and/or fundraising? Bottle openers are also fun and useful promotional items. :) These could also be in as perks.