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  1. I think coinbase is fine, its relatively easy for individuals holding lesser known altcoins to trade for something available. On a kind of related note SENS.org recently raised 25 million USD in crypto by being a "sacrifice address" for an airdrop of a new (and in my opinion kind of shady) altcoin. I'm really not sure how that will play out since they where marketing the donation as tax deductible but participants where given tokens as a reward. There are charities like that where you get say a pin and the idea of getting an NFT as a badge for donations is equivalent but when the partic
  2. I noticed a crypto donations option through coinbase while exploring the updated website. Are crypto donations a new addition?
  3. Youtube link: Dolly@20 Symposium - Lissa Herron I thought this was interesting and worth sharing.
  4. I think there are a few DAOs in existence that could supply funding in return for recognition. In fact crypto currency communities as a whole have funded all sorts of things just to be seen as a community that is made up of charitable people. But it does not make much sense to take any money from a research company and put it into a DAO or for a public company to create a DAO to receive charitable funds that are intended to fund the company when people could just donate directly to the company without the additional complication of a DAO. There are cases where it might be a good i
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