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  1. @RickI used to work in US pharma research. Funding for CDC approval takes millions of dollars and 9 years on average (7 at best) to prove initial safety and efficacy. Then 90% of drugs get pulled for negative long term data. So given the amount of money needed this is beyond what crowdfunding can provide if you want the USA to approve it (prob at least $10 million needed).
  2. I caught this story on Oramed which delivers proteins to treat diabetes which are encapsulated and then have increased absorption in the small intesting. Perhaps it might be applicable for VTose. https://jewtube.tv/innovation/israeli-pharmaceutical-developed-the-first-pill-to-treat-diabetes-without-insulin-shots/ https://www.oramed.com/technology/scientific-abstracts/
  3. That's encouraging. A low inflammatory diet will minimize immune cytokine damage. Make GcMAF a recommended contraindication as it increases antibody production. If VTose works you shouldn't need it. ME patient antibody production is suppressed anyway by the viral nagalase so it may not end up being a problem. Critical Covid and Nutrition Information for Patients.pdf
  4. My biggest concern is the chance that immune response that could give a serious anaphylaxis reaction in up to 30% of patients. Granted, it may not occur with VTose but that's a high number. https://www.cell.com/molecular-therapy-family/molecular-therapy/fulltext/S1525-0016(16)33585-7
  5. What's the molecular weight of the VTose system? What is the largest molecular weight that can be encapsulated into a protein transduction tag? Immune reaction is a major side effect of the injected PTTs. https://www.cell.com/molecular-therapy-family/molecular-therapy/fulltext/S1525-0016(16)33585-7 I'm not sure if this would be a problem with the oral form as well.
  6. If you can't get that patent there is no way to raise the money to afford to complete the drug approval process.
  7. I see the problem. Maybe a port can be put in temporarily for self injection for a year or so and checked monthly by the patient's primary care practitioner. This is a big hurdle. How often does it need to be injected? Your immediate concerns should be reformulating it for caspase 7 and securing a provisional patent.
  8. Ok, for a 10 year myalgic encephalomyelitis patient who has to clear years of infected cells what are we looking it? # of injections over what time interval? Can an oral form be developed?
  9. What kind of VTose dosing duration and schedule are we looking at for injections? My concern is that apoptosis is very intense. I have a treatment worked out, Craysing, that appears effective for combined HHV6 and EBV infection which is administered by mouth and that one appears to be taking 9 months. I think the limiting factor is that it relies on antibodies and can only cover so many cells per day so you get a layer by layer removal of infected tissue. However, if we induce the same amount of total apoptosis within an accelerated time frame, say 3 months, then we have do deal with a much
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