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  1. I see most of the questions here involve science, but I'd like the ask what stage of the operation are you in? Looking for investors? governmental funding? looking for a CEO/CFO? Do you have an expert or lawyer for all the legal stuff? p.s I have to say I don't understand what happened with Todd Rider. what really happened there? I'd hate to go into the conspiracy theory mindset but you gotta admit that it's a little odd. the modern, almost futuristic invention of an actual broad spectrum antiviral just faded away? if indeed 'big pharma' killed it, why wouldn't
  2. awesome! is there anyway to help?
  3. Hi! i read a little bit in your website and understand that you are working on a derivative of DRACO called Vtose? as this sounds very exciting and a great development, I am wondering, isn't DRACO patented in a way that will disallow commercial development of this kind of drug until it's expired? by the way, do you think DRACO / Vtose will be effective against HPV?
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