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  1. My apologies, I'm coming late to the party and totally missed that you are not affiliated with Dr Rider on this. That makes sense now, thanks. Happy to hear you secured the patent. Still hard to believe it isn't worth investing in to the big investors. I'm fairly patent-illiterate (been out of the biz 35 years); therefore I ask, does the 20-year-clock start ticking on that patent right away or does the 20 years start once it were to become marketable? In other words, and I can't believe I can't remember these things, is this something like a research patent that covers you up til market
  2. Hello I have experience in polymer science, which doesn't help much toward bioengineering but I just registered in order to ask a burning question. This is not the burning question yet but let me start off by asking, since when did Big Pharma really care about a small percentage of casualties? My career was cut short due to Cipro; I am one of tens of thousands, perhaps an order of magnitude above that even, of fluoroquinolone victims. I went from a prime physical specimen to barely alive with no way to get SSD disability because there is no concrete way to link my malady to Cipro even tho
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