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  1. Thank you for your response. Actually, evolution has evolved a separate immune system for the brain, composed mainly of tissue-resident macrophages, that handle the lion's share of anti-infective strategies. This is distinct from the blood-borne immune system. While the blood-borne immune system's main tactic against viruses is to either apoptose or ingest the infected cell, the brain's immune system takes a radically different approach. The brain's immune system focuses on containing the spread of the infection and triggering intracellular processes in the infected neurons that would
  2. I'm thinking that, in order to build evidence in vivo, you will first need to target specific cell types, before unleashing a version of DRACO that could potentially affect infected cells that you wouldn't want to lose, like infected neurons. Can different protein transduction tags be used to target different cell types? Thanks and best wishes.
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