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  1. When VTose comes out, can everybody afford it ?
  2. Patrik

    TNF blocker

    Do you know about an effective TNF blocker ? i have a lots autoimmune disorders, microscopic collitis, diabetic type 2...and now lots of rheumatic symtoms 😕
  3. Patrik

    Topical DRACO?

    My brain activity is low today, and i have some stupid questions How long can a virus stay alive in the body if it not enter a cell ? when vtose kill the cell...the virus also dies ?
  4. These are cool.... https://www.famosai.com/products/Steampunk-lights-p430423.html
  5. Interesting Maybe you can use Dimethyl sulfoxide as a "delivery system" to cells (it can penetrate skin)...but maybe it dissolve the VTose protein :-)
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