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  2. My take on "big investors" when it comes to DRACO is two things. First, most don't take the original research seriously. "If it really worked, someone would have already invested" kind of nonsense. Second, VCs, in particular, tend to view the investment world in very short time frames; they're usually looking for a 10x or more return on their investment within 2 to 4 yrs. Unfortunately, drug development takes a lot longer than that. Regarding patents, the 20 yr clock starts ticking when you submit your original application for a provisional patent. Getting the full 20 yrs requires paying
  3. My apologies, I'm coming late to the party and totally missed that you are not affiliated with Dr Rider on this. That makes sense now, thanks. Happy to hear you secured the patent. Still hard to believe it isn't worth investing in to the big investors. I'm fairly patent-illiterate (been out of the biz 35 years); therefore I ask, does the 20-year-clock start ticking on that patent right away or does the 20 years start once it were to become marketable? In other words, and I can't believe I can't remember these things, is this something like a research patent that covers you up til market
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  5. Although we were originally told by MIT that they had abandoned all of the DRACO-related patents, when we looked into it more thoroughly, it turns out that one of the patents was in fact renewed (US 7566694). Bayer didn't license that patent, but we did--we are now the exclusive licensee. The problem with clinical trials is that there is a huge amount of work that needs to be done between identifying a promising set of compounds and being ready to try them in humans. It turns out that NIH and similar funding agencies in the US are willing to fund basic research to identifying promising co
  6. Hello I have experience in polymer science, which doesn't help much toward bioengineering but I just registered in order to ask a burning question. This is not the burning question yet but let me start off by asking, since when did Big Pharma really care about a small percentage of casualties? My career was cut short due to Cipro; I am one of tens of thousands, perhaps an order of magnitude above that even, of fluoroquinolone victims. I went from a prime physical specimen to barely alive with no way to get SSD disability because there is no concrete way to link my malady to Cipro even tho
  7. Things are continuing to go well for us here at Kimer Med. We are excited to announce that we have signed an exclusive license agreement for US patent 7566694, “Anti-Pathogen Treatments,” which is the one and only remaining active patent related to Todd Rider’s original DRACO work. This gives us an excellent IP foundation for work with our compound in the United States. Our fabrication and testing continues. The end-to-end process takes multiple months. Much of our current testing and analysis is focused on characterizing the chemical aspects of our compound and how it behaves during
  8. Rick

    New office

    We recently leased an office here in Nelson, New Zealand. Finding a good space was a bit of an ordeal, but it's done, and we're all moved-in now, and getting comfortable. Here are a couple of photos of the new space, in case you're curious.
  9. I think coinbase is fine, its relatively easy for individuals holding lesser known altcoins to trade for something available. On a kind of related note SENS.org recently raised 25 million USD in crypto by being a "sacrifice address" for an airdrop of a new (and in my opinion kind of shady) altcoin. I'm really not sure how that will play out since they where marketing the donation as tax deductible but participants where given tokens as a reward. There are charities like that where you get say a pin and the idea of getting an NFT as a badge for donations is equivalent but when the partic
  10. Hi. I added that a few months back, it was a straightforward way to add crypto donations. The main downside are the limited choice of cryptos accepted, currently. I'm happy to look at other, more comprehensive solutions if you or others know of one.
  11. I noticed a crypto donations option through coinbase while exploring the updated website. Are crypto donations a new addition?
  12. The short answer is ... maybe. There are some interesting connections and cross-over points between viruses and cancer, and it's definitely something we're thinking about. However, there's nothing concrete or proven or even in the current experiment pipeline -- so, as you said, "probably far far away." As to whether viruses may be able to "build immunity" to VTose® somehow: we don't know. Based on the mechanism of action, about all I can say is that it might be possible; viruses are wily little critters, and evolution is a remarkably powerful thing. However, based on its mechanism of acti
  13. I know this is probably far far away, but do you think that the technology of Vtose can ultimately be used against cancer cells? I know that the apoptosis process is compromised in cancer cells, and I don’t really understand how Vtose induces apoptosis in viral cells, but since Vtose knows how to single out viral cells, maybe it can single out cancer cells? I know it’s a totally different thing, but still I think it’s an interesting take. also, I was wondering whether do you think viruses can build immunity to Vtose somehow. Happy Rosh Hashanah everyone 🙂
  14. Yes, it is complicated, I thought that at least it could prevent the spread to more healthy cellls. Many possibilities open up with vTose Thanks a lot.
  15. Rick

    Rabies treatment

    Rabies is certainly one of the viruses we're interested in, largely due to the issue you pointed out: without treatment, it's nearly always fatal. We don't know yet whether VTose® is effective against the virus. Regarding whether neurological damage would happen as a result of treatment, it's much too soon to say. Even if it is effective, many other factors are involved, including things like how far the infection has progressed, which cell types are infected, method and timing of drug administration, and so on.
  16. I'm sorry, I wanted to say Vtose.
  17. Hi I read that it can also eliminate rabies, if Draco attacks the cells to destroy them then the brain cells to treat the disease, there is a possibility of neurological damage, then is it viable to treat it? since by not treating it, death is almost inevitable Thanks for read this.
  18. Things have been going well for us at Kimer Med. Here's the latest: Dengue Fever is a tropical viral disease that infects up to 400 million people every year in parts of Africa, Southeast Asia and Central and South America. According to the CDC, it lacks effective treatments, resulting in about 100 million people developing symptomatic disease and 22,000 deaths from those infections every year. Dengue is transmitted by mosquitos. Getting infected a second time is much more risky than the first time. Dengue is also interesting to us since it has some features in common with SARS-CoV-2
  19. Hi , Greetings from New Zealand! I hope you're doing well. Since my last email about our biotech startup, Kimer Med, we've made tremendous progress. I thought you might be interested in hearing our most recent news: we successfully closed our seed funding round. This will enable us to greatly expand the scope and speed of development of our broad-spectrum antiviral drug. If you're interested in following our work on a regular basis, you can sign-up for our subscriber email list here: https://kimermed.co.nz/landing We also have a discussion forum: https://forum.kimermed.
  20. You have mentioned that you tried to contact Dr. Rider about DRACO, but were unable to reach him. I recently went to Dr. Rider's Rider Institute website and it appears that it is being maintained. Perhaps contacting him is worth another try. https://riderinstitute.org/
  21. @RickI used to work in US pharma research. Funding for CDC approval takes millions of dollars and 9 years on average (7 at best) to prove initial safety and efficacy. Then 90% of drugs get pulled for negative long term data. So given the amount of money needed this is beyond what crowdfunding can provide if you want the USA to approve it (prob at least $10 million needed).
  22. Very interesting! Thanks for the link.
  23. Youtube link: Dolly@20 Symposium - Lissa Herron I thought this was interesting and worth sharing.
  24. Greetings from Kimer Med. We've had a productive week on the science front, including completing four different types of analysis of our antiviral protein, and a fifth is in progress. The results of these tests will be used to help inform our ongoing efforts to improve the fabrication process and product purity. We are currently using E. Coli bacteria to make the protein, although it's possible that will change at some point. Recombinant protein fabrication is a fascinating field! Our fundraising efforts continue. If you'd like to support our work and help us move faster, here's
  25. Greetings from Kimer Med! Our fundraising and science efforts are continuing apace. Nothing new to report at the moment, but I thought I'd send a quick update anyway, to let you know that things are still moving forward. Operating on a shoestring, as we are at the moment, definitely slows us down. If you'd like to support our work and help us move faster, we have a new donation page on our website: https://www.kimermed.co.nz/donate Covid-related news has been interesting lately. Between reports of new strains and vaccine failures of various kinds, it's clear t
  26. I think there are a few DAOs in existence that could supply funding in return for recognition. In fact crypto currency communities as a whole have funded all sorts of things just to be seen as a community that is made up of charitable people. But it does not make much sense to take any money from a research company and put it into a DAO or for a public company to create a DAO to receive charitable funds that are intended to fund the company when people could just donate directly to the company without the additional complication of a DAO. There are cases where it might be a good i
  27. Hi, I hope you had a good holiday and a happy new year. Just a short update this week, since as I mentioned last time, New Zealand pretty much closes down from mid-Dec to mid-Jan for the holidays. Things will finally be coming back to life next week. On the science side, the protein from the second fabrication batch that I mentioned in my last update is now in-hand. As the last step of fabrication, we run the dissolved compound through a 0.2 micron filter, which effectively sterilizes it. After that, it can be safely stored at 4C (in a standard refrigerator). The
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