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  4. Thank you so much for letting me know. I have backed the campaign. :)
  5. Our Crowdfunding Campaign started today! https://donate.kimermed.co.nz/campaign/2/ending-viral-disease
  6. Our crowdfunding campaign is now live! https://donate.kimermed.co.nz/campaign/2/ending-viral-disease It will run for the next 30 days. Our goal is to raise at least NZ $50,000 (USD $33,000). For donations of $100 or more, you can choose to sponsor a particular virus. The way this works is that you can pick a virus that interests or concerns you from a list, and we will direct 50% of your donation toward research on that virus. We also look at sponsorship as a kind of dollar-weighted vote, to help us prioritize our research. We are also offering discount
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I was under the impression that USAMRIID only works with US-based companies, but I'll have another look.
  8. Have you considered partnering with USAMRIID? DRACO was initially developed under a grant from DARPA for I assume the purpose of providing a defense against biological warfare agents. UAAMRIID is the primary lab responsible for developing biological defenses. They would be very interested in a broad spectrum antiviral like VTose. They also have a program for cooperating with outside labs, sometimes providing funding. https://www.usamriid.army.mil/extramural.htm
  9. Hi, Just a short update this week, but with some exciting news. First, our crowdfunding campaign will begin on Sun Nov 15! More details as we get closer. In addition, we have started fabricating the first batch of our compound. It's a bit of a process, so it takes a while. This batch will be a relatively small run, but it should produce enough for us to do some testing. Thanks for your continued interest and support. Regards, --Rick Our vision is the end of all viral disease in humans, pets and livestock.
  10. Yes, exactly! We have a few other ideas along similar lines, too.
  11. Hi, We are continuing to make good progress on the upcoming crowdfunding campaign. I don't have a date to announce yet, but hope to have one for you soon. Things on the science side are coming along nicely. We have now put two labs under contract. We've also had some excellent input from our science advisers regarding our research and development plan. In fact, I'm sensing considerable excitement on that front. Now all we need now is the funding! There was some alarming news recently: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2020-10/uonc-scr101320.php
  12. Hopefully latent viruses like HIV and HSV can be counteracted by a combination of Vtose (for lytic infection), an LRA (Latency Reversing Agent)1, and a viral reseeding blocker (such as fusion and integrase inhibitors, N/NNRTIs, or protease inhibitors). The great thing is Vtose need not be used alone and will likely have synergism for the viruses we have other treatment for. Of course it will also be our very first way to fight the vast majority of other viral diseases where we have no treatments. 1. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fmicb.2019.03060/full
  13. HPV can be a bit challenging to test against, so we haven't made a definitive decision regarding strain yet. At the moment, one of the labs we're talking to does a lot of work with HPV16, so we may start there. Our expectation is that effectiveness shouldn't vary much from one strain to another, but that is, of course, something we will need to test.
  14. What strains of HPV are you testing on? Iā€™m curious about 6 and 11. Thank you.
  15. Hi, In case you missed any of the prior Weekly Update emails, I've started publishing them on the forum: https://forum.kimermed.co.nz/index.php?/forum/10-news-and-announcements/ This email list will still be the first and best place to get news and updates. There are 219 different known human viral diseases. Out of those, there are approved antiviral drugs for only 9 viruses. Only HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Herpes, Influenza, CMV, Varicella-Zoster, RSV and HPV. That's it. Just 9. Many viruses--including HIV--still don't have vaccines, either.
  16. Rick


    Hi Max, Thanks for the reminder. It's sometimes hard to gauge the level of interest out there. We could definitely use help with outreach. PM sent.
  17. Max


    Kimer Med Team, It seems that the weekly updates have become less than weekly. This post is not meant to chastise but to remind you that there are those of us out there that would greatly benefit from news and updates from your organization, regardless of whether or not you have made any scientific or business related progress. I think that I can speak for most when I say that Dr. Rider's failed attempts at bringing life to DRACO were an incredibly disheartening thing. The reassurance that there are still heroes like yourselves that are truly trying to make broad spectrum antivirals a rea
  18. Hi, Lifespan.io published an interview with me this week: https://www.lifespan.io/news/rick-kiessig-discusses-vtose-a-broad-spectrum-antiviral/ We made some good progress with our suppliers and a bunch of new-company activities. Contracts signed. Partners engaged. Many meetings. Lots of good leads in various directions. Thanks to those who participated in the recent survey. You will be relieved to know that the idea for a plushie as a crowdfunding reward is out! Interesting article talking about how EBV has been linked to a number of autoimmune cond
  19. Hi, As I've mentioned previously, we're working on a crowdfunding campaign, although I can't say much yet about the details or dates. As you may know, finding good rewards or perks is an important part of crowdfunding. To help us narrow down our choices a bit, we've put together a short, six-question survey: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=_xmddTqWake18FQyIgp46_EdKwAna1RKowYQpMwdfiNURE9PWVpCMVpDUlRRQVBXOUNLWExJWFBWUi4u If you have a minute or two, Phil and I would very much appreciate your feedback. Our goal is the end of all vira
  20. Hi, We are continuing to make progress on the usual new-company things: investor interest, vendors, suppliers, recruiting, partners, advisors, and so on. We're starting to see some increased interest as a result of our ongoing outreach efforts. Links to a couple of articles: https://www.fightaging.org/archives/2020/09/kimer-med-founded-to-develop-the-draco-antiviral-strategy/ https://forums.phoenixrising.me/threads/nz-team-reactivate-research-into-draco-renamed-vtose-the-universal-antiviral-that-could-cure-me-cfs.81229/ And even a mention on the
  21. Hi, Here are links to two new articles on the forum that you might enjoy: How Does VTose (DRACO) Work? Will VTose Work on This Virus? If you find either one interesting, please consider posting links on social media. I mentioned in last week's update that we have quotes in-hand to fabricate our compound, and that we were looking for labs to test it. We now have quotes for in vitro (test tubes) testing, from a number of laboratories. SARS-CoV-2 requires a BSL-3 lab, which complicates things a bit. We're still shopping around, but we have at least identified labs that
  22. A question has come up about whether VTose is likely to work against the HTLV virus (Human T-Lymphotropic Virus). HTLV has been implicated as a cause of adult T-cell leukemia, HTLV-associated myelopathy/tropical spastic paraparesis (HAM/TSP), HTLV-associated uveitis, and infective dermatitis. HTLV is usually transmitted from mother to child during breastfeeding. HTLV is a retrovirus (the first retrovirus discovered), in the deltaretrovirus genus. It's an enveloped, (+)ssRNA virus. The good news is that DRACO was tested and found effective against the Dengue virus, which is
  23. https://www.lifespan.io/news/rick-kiessig-discusses-vtose-a-broad-spectrum-antiviral/
  24. We don't have the staggeringly massive overhead of big pharma, and we're not interested in creating drugs which merely suppress viral infections for decades at a high monthly cost, as they are. It's too early to say what the ultimate cost can be, but - assuming, of course, proof of efficacy and safety in humans - we expect that it will be affordably priced for a large number of individuals.
  25. When VTose comes out, can everybody afford it ?
  26. Patrik

    TNF blocker

    Do you know about an effective TNF blocker ? i have a lots autoimmune disorders, microscopic collitis, diabetic type 2...and now lots of rheumatic symtoms šŸ˜•
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